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Tropic Ambassador Opportunity

Become a Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Become a Tropic Ambassador

My Tropic Story

I joined Tropic Skincare as an independent Ambassador in July (2020), after using the skincare products for a few months and loving them. I had been thinking about starting a business for a while, but the idea of starting from scratch was just so daunting. My friend who is an Ambassador, introduced me to Tropic had talked to me about the Ambassador opportunity when she first joined in August 2019 and I was curious about it from the start, but it just wasn’t the right time. I had my 10 month old son and I just didn’t feel ready to commit at the time. In hindsight I wish I had taken the leap then!

Taking the leap as a Tropic Skincare Ambassador!

Fast forward to July this year and I was feeling out of sorts. I was working part time, so less income than before so that I could be with my son, which I love, but extra income would always be welcome to pay the bills, pay more to our credit cards and to pay for some days out and holidays (when the world opens back up after Covid-19!). But more than that, I had lost my mojo. I no longer felt like myself, I had lost my confidence, felt frumpy and annoyed with my weight and wasn’t really looking after myself. I also only had a handful of very close friends and would love to meet some like minded women to socialise with. The idea of joining Tropic Skincare as an Ambassador and starting my own business was becoming more and more appealing. I had sold make up and skincare a few years back and it had given me so much confidence and motivation, I had also qualified as a make up artist during that time and so the idea of getting back into beauty was appealing to me. What better reason to take care of my skin and play around with gorgeous make up and pampering products, it would boost my self-esteem, make me spend some time on looking after myself and give me something new to aim for and goals to achieve that was just for me as Steph. Not Steph the Mum. I also thought it would be great to meet new people and make some friends from both the wider Tropic team and my customers. And as well as making some extra cash, I would get my skincare, make up, body care and haircare products that I already use at a discounted rate! Win Win right! So I took the leap and joined and oh am I glad I did!

The opportunity

In order to get started with your beauty and skincare business you would make an investment in your kit, your complete ‘business in a box’. Currently the kit is £198 and that gets you over £500 worth of products and business resources. You get the complete skincare collection to use yourself and to use at in person demos and pampers (if you want to do in person demos, you can just run your business virtually). You also get bags, your Ambassador handbook, product guide, Money Matters guide, and hostess and ambassador opportunity leaflets. As well as your physical kit you also get your own website so you can take orders online, your Ambassador ordering site to take orders from pamper parties or your local customers and access to training, content and images and other resources in the Tropic Lounge to help you run your business.

There is no hard seller sales targets in Tropic, as an Ambassador you choose how you run your business and you can do as little or as much as you like. If you want to run it as a hobby to make a little extra cash and get money off your skincare products, you can. If you want to make and extra £200 – £1000 a month but have no team, you can. If you want to have a team and promote up the ranks, as well as making money with your own sales, you can. Its all available to you and you choose your path. Unlike other social selling companies, Tropic does not have a minimum sales threshold to meet every month to stay active and continue selling. All they ask is you make sales of £250 in one calendar month within 12 months. You could do that with orders for just you and your family. This means that you don’t end up dipping into your own pockets to buy products to top up your sales. Tropic wants to empower you and help you to make money, not get into debt while doing it!

What makes Tropic Skincare different

Your kit, business resources and support:

  • Your kit investment gets your products worth double your investment
  • Your start up kit gives you the entire skincare collection to try and use for pampers and one to one demos
  • Plus you get catalogues, your handbook, product guide, bags and other literature to get your business started
  • You get your own FREE website so you can sell direct anywhere in the country
  • You get access to the Tropic Lounge packed full of training, social content and materials to help you run your business
  • Access to your own ordering site
  • Access to a payment app to make taking payments from customers easy
  • Access to a customer management app to help you manage your customer relationships and prompt follow up sales
  • Support from upline managers and fellow ambassadors via FB groups, WhatsApp and one to one calls
  • Weekly Zoom calls offering training and support from the highest members of the company

Sales, commission, incentives and bonuses:

  • You earn 25%+ commission off every sale
  • You can earn free products
  • Get your skincare, body care, haircare and make up with at least a 25% discount
  • You can sell offline, face to face, exclusively online or a mixture of all three
  • You can earn new season collections and additional kits for FREE
  • No buying and holding stock – it is actually against the company policy
  • No set targets – you achieve what you want
  • No set areas or territories to stay in; sell across the UK
  • No paid advertising is permitted to make it fair for everyone
  • No competing with others, we all work together and support each other
  • There is no minimum sales each month to stay with the business, so no getting yourself in debt to qualify
  • You don’t have to build a team to succeed and there is no pressure to have a team at all
  • They offer great incentives large and small, including the chance to earn a holiday in a Tropical destination
  • Every year there are 2 live product launches in March and September
  • There is a large event for anyone to attend in either March or September, the other launch is done via a webinar
  • Success is continually recognised and rewarded by your team and the company as a whole
  • You join a community of friendly, supportive and like minded people who are passionate about skincare, the company and building successful businesses

The company & products:

  • All natural, vegan, cruelty free
  • Give back to multiple charities and good causes
  • Carbon Negative company, so they actually do better than just covering their carbon footprint
  • Recyclable packaging, less packaging options and refills
  • They offer skincare, body care, hair care and make up
  • New products added twice a year
  • Products are made freshly in our own Surrey based factory
  • Their products get great results and have won multiple awards
  • One of the fastest growing beauty brands in the UK
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so your customers can try our products without risk

Our Infinite Purpose

About Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare was founded by Susie Ma, who started making the original products in her kitchen and selling them at Greenwich Market at the age of 15.  Whilst studying, Susie continued to develop and create more products in her mothers kitchen and selling them at markets across London. In 2011 Susie appeared on The Apprentice, coming 3rd.  After the show ended, Lord Alan Sugar invested in the business taking a 50% share. Tropic moved to it’s own HQ in Surrey.  In 2013 Tropic launched it’s social selling strategy, selling the all natural products via a network of Ambassadors in order to keep a personal touch, empowering people to build their own green beauty business and take charge of their goals and earnings by sharing their love of these ethical and healthy beauty products. Now in 2020 there are over 16,000 Ambassadors and Tropic and it’s products have won many awards and been recognised by The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 as one of the UK’s fastest growing skincare brands. Tropic Skincare offer over 150 100% natural products for taking care of your skin, body and hair as well as a full on trend natural make up range.

What I’ve gained as a Tropic Skincare Ambassador

(and you could gain all of this too)

  • confidence
  • motivation and inspiration 
  • goals and aspirations to aim for
  • new found purpose 
  •  a new identity – business boss
  • new friends
  • amazing skin! 
  • extra income
  • money off my skincare products
  • Opportunity to earn incentives
  • Opportunity to earn free products
  • Opportunity to purchase or earn more kit for free

Want to know more? Heard enough and want in?

I am looking to expand my team and work with committed, driven and ambitious people who are looking to create any of the following:

  • A full-time successful business to replace your main income
  • A part-time income with a flexible business that fits around your family or other commitments
  • Create a second income with a business that fits around your job or other business
  • Start your own business but want support and great products so you don’t have to start completely from scratch and go it alone
  • Add a retail product to your existing beauty, wellbeing or holistic business

If you want to find out more about me, my team and Tropic, how Topic’s Ambassador opportunity works, and how it can work for you, book in for a FREE 30 minute call with me or drop me an email at



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