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Tropic Ambassador Opportunity

My First Week as an Independent Tropic Ambassador

Tropic Ambassador Starter Kit

I joined Tropic Skincare as an Independent Ambassador on 10th July 2020. I am hoping that this will be a monumental day for me, the day I made great steps to change my life.

I have wanted to have my own business for a while, but just couldn’t seem to decide on what I really wanted to do and it just felt so overwhelming to start something entirely from scratch. I had worked for another MLM or social selling company a few years back selling make up and skincare. I loved it and it gave me so much, not just an additional income, but after 2 years I gave it up for personal reasons.

Fast forward to August 2019, the year I had my Son Max, and one of my best friends joined Tropic Skincare. I had briefly heard of them before but didn’t really know much about the company and the products. I tried the haircare first as my hair had begun to thin as my hormones returned to normal and my hair was in desperate need of a boost. I bought their discovery kit along with a scalp massager in the hope that the combination would stimulate hair growth. I was really impressed with the products and my hair did start to re-grow and felt so much healthier. I also decided to try the foot products and loved them too. But I had my eye on the ABC Skincare. I also had a small urge to know more about the business and I discussed it briefly with my Ambassador friend Sarah, but I just wasn’t ready and my own fears and lack of confidence were stopping me taking the leap.

I finally got to experience the skincare in May 2020, my skin had become so neglected and I really needed to start putting myself first. I had been putting Max and my Mummy duties first for so long and now my skin was starting to suffer. I loved the products. I had the full skin care collection, so Smoothing Cleanser, Vitamin Toner, Skin Feast Moisturiser, Deep Hydration Mask and Glow Berry and Fruit Peel Serum. It was like being at a spa everyday and I loved how it made my skin feel. It was transformed within days.

The Ambassador Opportunity

Over the months I had spoken more about the Tropic business opportunity and I was still really intrigued. I really rated the products with them being all natural, vegan, cruelty free and the company just seemed so awesome, plus the commission was so much better than any MLM company I had previously looked into. I still wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted to get back into direct selling. Then I saw a post from my Ambassador friend about a Zoom call to find out more about the Ambassador business opportunity. I joined the call, and wow, was I blown away. The company and opportunity were ever better than I already thought and the team seemed awesome! My now Executive Manager shared her story and to be honest I was fighting the tears back, because everything she said about why she joined completely rang some very loud bells with me.

  • She had young children and wanted an extra income so she didn’t have to work full time in her bank job
  • She was looking for a flexible business opportunity that fit around her family and other commitment
  • She wanted to make new friends and have new people to socialise with
  • She was living paycheque to pay cheque and had debts to pay off
  • She wanted to be able to go on holidays and family days out
  • She wanted a challenge and something to work towards

and last but not least…

  • She had lost a piece of herself since becoming a mum and no longer felt like her, so wanted to find herself again as a mum and business woman

Becoming an Ambassador

So I was hooked and for £198 to buy my kit worth over £300, I was in the club! I got my kit within 24 hours and I was so excited. As soon as the kit arrived I decided to do an unboxing and video it. I also did a quick talk through video to show everything you get. It is literally a business in a box. You get all you need to get started including:

  • Bags
  • Catalogues
  • Ambassador handbook
  • Product guide
  • Ambassador and hostess opportunity leaflets
  • The entire skincare collection!!!

I was so excited to try everything! Over the last week I have tried everything and completely pampered my skin and it feels so good. The improvement with adding the serums, night and eye creams to my ABC skincare routine has been amazing. As well as the physical kit, you also get a free personal Tropic website so that all online sales via your own site are attributed to you, you get access to the Lounge which has amazing resources including training videos and assist to use on social media.

My 1st Week Progress

I have made great progress with setting up my business including completing the training videos, joining lots of supportive team facebook groups. I have also set up my Facebook page, The Botanical Beauty Boutique which will be for Tropic but also to begin offering makeup services, as I am a qualified makeup artist, and I also plan to add some other beauty services at a later date when I do some more training. I also have a VIP Tropic Facebook Group to look after my Tropic customers. I have joined a team Zoom call with one of the Top Ambassadors in the company which was so inspirational and there is another one next week. I have already had my friends and family starting to join and interact on my group and I have a couple of people interested in ordering.

I have loved this first week so much. For the first time in ages I feel energised and like I am more than a Mum and part time marketing manager. I am a business owner with my own goals and aspirations to achieve. I have another purpose and a reason to make sure I look after me and my skin and start to discover who I am again. Plus the prospect of making an additional income that could change our life if I want to go that far. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself, but I am excited to see where this business takes me! I am also achieving more in my home life and feeling more motivated than ever to get organised and get things done. I have barely even watched any TV over the last 7 days, where usually it would be on almost all the time. Watch this space!




  • Sarah Ruth Mansbridge

    I literally could have written this! I have just become an ambassador a bit of a whirlwind decision and way out of my comfort zone but I’m so excited to have something for me that’s all mine. I have a 4 year old and an evening part time job which I’ve got sooooo bored with! It’s time to do me now! Xxxx.

    • admin

      that’s great lovely. Tropic is awesome, whether you are doing it as a hobby or want to make it more of a full time business. It’s so nice to have something to work towards and call your own. xxx

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