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Autumn Make Up Edit: My Day & Evening Palette Combinations


With the summer holidays over and kids back at school, our thoughts start to move towards my favourite time of year – autumn. I don’t know what is about September but for me it feels like a fresh start, perhaps it harks back to our childhood and the beginning of the school year. Fresh work books, bag, pencil case and uniform. September is also my birthday month and the countdown towards Christmas. I just love how the weather begins to change, with a slight chill in the air and darker evenings as well as the leaves turning to gorgeous orange, red and brown shades. The cozy nights bring in traditions of candles, hot chocolate, pjs, slippers and fluffy blankets, snuggled up watching TV.

I absolutely love autumn clothing – jumpers, jeans, boots, scarves, dresses and tights. Along with the change in wardrobe, I love changing up my skincare (I will be posting a blog on my autumn skincare edit soon), and also my make up. In the summer I tend to use a much more sheer foundation, tinted moisturiser or this year I moved across to a tinted sunscreen, Tropic’s Sunshade which offers factor 50 protection with a choice od light/medium or medium/dark shades to choose from. I love this because I know I am protected from the suns rays, it’s not heavy on your skin and gives you that gorgeous healthy dewy look. It’s much lighter natural coverage, as you need far less coverage when your skin is tanned. In the autumn and winter I tend to move across to a foundation, I use Tropics Beauty Booster foundation which offers more coverage, and I add the the mineral foundation on the top when I want a little fuller coverage too. As well as my base, I also like to change up the colours in my palette from pinks, corals and light browns, to richer deeper colours like golds, darker browns, blacks and even some deeper purples.

Tropic Make Up Palette

I use all Tropic make up now, because it is all naturally derived, mineral based, cruelty free. The make up palette was developed 2 years ago to create a make up range that was more ethical and eco friendly. The nature of the palette with it’s own case and re-usable magnetic pans, means a huge reduction in packaging. The variety of make up products now come in recyclable dishes which drop into the individual pans and they arrive in cardboard packaging to eliminate plastic waste.

The palette is completely configurable to your individual needs, preferences and any given situation or event where you want to have your make up look ready to use in one handy case. There are different sized pans and 4 different configuration options to choose from to build your perfect palette. You can swap and change your palette up anytime to suit your needs. I tend to have two palettes made up. One for more of an everyday look and then another for an evening look for when we go out. The great thing is I have literally every current colour of eye shadow, eyebrow powder, bronzer, blusher, highlighter, concealer and lipstick in my kit, so I can change my palette up anytime I want a fresh look. The other great thing is that the pans last ages too, so definitely worth the investment. You can buy everything individually, but if you want to get going with a full palette it will cost you £68 for a full palette of make up and you get the case and pans free!

My Autumn Palette Edit

So here are my palettes to take take me through autumn 2021.

Daily Make Up Palette

Everything you need in a palette – brows, eyes, cheeks and contour. To keep the look a little more subtle just use the Khahai and Shea Nut eye shadows. Then for night add a little glam with Cupuacu shimmer eye shadow over the main part of the eye lid. I would pair this look with the Kiss Me Quick Nude Blush or Fresh Fig lipstick.

Evening Make Up Palette

I have wanted to use the gorgeous Galaxy Shimmer for ages and autumn is the perfect time. I have paired it with this rich chestnut, but it would also be great with Bamboo Charcoal too. I have used creams in this palette too, how stunning is the Soft Heather Blush?!

I hope you love these palettes; look out for my video tutorials using these palette combinations on my youtube and instagram. If you want help on designing your perfect palette, contact me via the online form or DM me on instagram @thehabituallyhappymum.


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