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Beauty Basics: Building a Skincare Routine


Looking after our skin is really important, no matter our age.  Skin is the largest organ on the body and the only one we wear on the outside. Taking good care of our skin should be a daily occurrence and ideally twice a day. Whether you have been using skincare products for a while or are currently a fan of baby wipes and water, you may still be wondering what products are essential and what they actually do for your skin. So here are my skincare essentials to help you build a great routine and get glowing healthy skin.

1. Cleanser:

Cleansing your face should be an essential step. If you don’t have time for anything else this is the step you really shouldn’t skip.  Especially if you have been wearing make up.  A cleanser helps to cleanse the face of the dirt and oil from the day, as well as dissolving make up, clearing pores and helping to keep skin balanced and blemish free. There are various different cleansers on the market, the most effective tend to be oil based as they are perfect for removing all of your make up meaning that you wouldn’t need to remove your make up before cleansing.  It is recommended that you double cleanse if you have been wearing make up and remove the cleanser with a soft bamboo cloth that will gently exfoliate at the same time. If you get the right cleanser this time can really create a pampering spa experience each morning and evening and you will really see the results in your skin.

2. Toner:

Toner helps to remove any remaining impurities that could have been missed as well as helping to tighten and minimise your pores over time. Toner comes in a liquid form and is usually applied by a spray or by using a cotton wool pad. It feels very refreshing especially in the warmer months and a spritz of toner can be lovely part way through the day to freshen up. Some toners can be very harsh as they contain alcohol and other chemicals, so be careful what you choose.  A mineral and natural based toner will help to balance out the PH levels and add nutrients and vitamins into the skin rather than stripping it.

3. Moisturiser:

Moisturiser is also a step which really is essential for looking after your skin and keeping it nourished and hydrated.  Moisturiser adds the moisture back into the skin, stopping it from drying out. It also helps the skin feel plump and healthy and depending on the ingredients, can add nourishing vitamins and minerals to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness, refine pores and smooth skin, to give you a glowy and youthful look. A daily moisturiser can be used morning and night, but you may want to consider adding in a specialist night cream, which will have been blended to give even more of a moisture boost while you sleep.

4. SPF protection:

This step is 100% essential.  In the UK, we often skip this step for our face and our bodies as we don’t get as much sun as other warmer climbs.  However even when the sun isn’t out, harmful UVA and UVB rays, even in the UK, can still harm your skin.  It’s true that the hotter and stronger the sun, the higher the risk, but really we should wear suncream in summer and winter, especially on our face as it is most likely to see the sun when other parts of our skin are covered up. Did you know that UVA and UVB rays can still penetrate the skin via windows too?  So being in the shade or indoors isn’t necessarily a sure line of defence against, burning, sun damage and skin cancer. You will find that there are a lot of products now on the market that include and SPF protection such as foundation and moisturisers, while these options are better than nothing, the best and preferred option is to use a separate sun cream formulated for the face and that is factor 50.  Yes 50, nothing lower! The reason it is best to use a separate sun cream rather than having it included within another product is because moisturisers especially are formulated to sink into the skin in order to penetrate the lower levels of the dermis providing moisture and nutrients.  Whereas sun cream is meant to sit in the very top layers of the skin to form a protective barrier.  They do different jobs at different levels of the skin.

5. Eye Cream

The skin under the eyes is the thinest part of your face. It is delicate and needs to be treated gently. The eye area is often where you can see if someone is tired and tends to be where signs of ageing first appear. Using a cream formulated for the delicate eye area will help to nourish the skin, reducing dark circles and redness, plumping, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and giving a refreshed look. Eye creams are usually ultra cooling and extra moisturising.

6. Serums:

Serums aren’t strictly essential, well it depends on the way you look at it. Just getting a 3 step cleanse, tone and moisturise routine down will do wonders for your skin, but adding in a targeted serum could really boost the health and look of your skin. Serums can be oil or water based and will tend to be targeted to achieve certain results or help with specific skin complaints. A water based serum will feel ultra refreshing and hydrating and can be used daily and often will include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which helps to flood the skin with moisture and retain it throughout the day. While an oil based serum is a little heavier but is so luxurious for your skin and is great to be used in facial massage to really invigorate and plump up the skin as well as helping to drain the lymphatic system in your face. Oil based serums are often great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and combating ageing signs. There are lots of serums on the market and you need to choose a serum that will target the areas  and issues that you need extra help to achieve results.

7. Exfoliation:

Our skin is constantly regenerating and with that it pushes dead skin cells to the surface and not all drop away and become dust. Some will stay on the surface of the skin and can create a layer of dry skin, making your complexion look dehydrated and dull. Using a gentle exfoliator on your face up to twice a week will help to remove these dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh. Make sure you use an exfoliating product specific for your face as the products will be much gentler and the exfoliating particles will be smaller than a body scrub to be gentler on your thinner facial skin.  Using a bamboo cloth with your cleanser daily will also help to gently exfoliate each day too.

8. Face Mask:

Face masks can be a lovely pampering treat, great for a self-care session while you have a soak in the tub or paint your nails.  They are great for targeting dry skin, blemishes or even tightening to give you a radiant glow. Again there are lots on the market to choose from each with different ingredients, aims and results. Used once a week, a mask can really up your skincare game.

Building your skincare routine

While there are some really great skincare products on the market, as a lover of all things Tropic Skincare and an Independent Tropic Skincare Ambassador, I would really recommend looking at the skincare range that Tropic have to offer.  All of their products are naturally derived, so no nasty chemicals.  They are of course vegan and cruelty free too. The products are around the mid range budget, but the ingredients are of such a superior quality and they really do last a long time, so you are getting great value for money. If you want help and recommendations specific to your skin, then Tropic have a helpful Skincare Routine Finder which will ask you questions about your skin and then recommend products that will be great for you.  If you want even more tailored advice, choose the option to email your Skincare Routine results to me, Stephanie Alexander, I can discuss your product options further via email, phone call or on a 1 to 1 zoom call, with absolutely no obligation to buy.  I am happy to help you on your way to glowing skin. If you are looking to completely update your skincare products.

Tropic offer a great bundle for £100 which will give you your cleanser, bamboo cloth, toner, moisturiser, a choice of 2 serums and a mask of your choice, you will be getting 1 serum and your mask for free! Then you just need add your facial sun cream and exfoliator and you would be all set. So for the whole set to get you on your way with your full skincare routine your investment would be £125. We offer a 30 day happiness guarantee too, so if you aren’t happy or something doesn’t suit you can exchange a product or get a refund, no questions asked.

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