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Tropic Skincare Ambassador

A Tropic Surprise Party


I was honoured to be invited to my very first Tropic meet up after only a week of being in the business. I am lucky that a lot of my team are in the area and so hopefully will mean some regular face to face meet ups. This first meet since lockdown was to celebrate our upline manager reaching Executive level, a huge achievement in the business and she managed it within 2 years. This was actually also the lady who shared her inspiring story about why she joined Tropic on the recruitment Zoom call I attended, and was one of the final things that made me certain I wanted to join.

The party was arranged as a surprise, the guest of honour Nikki, had no idea that some of her team would be there and thought she was going to a local vineyard for a wine tasting day. Hopefully we weren’t too much of a disappointment to her!

All of the current Ambassadors had chipped in to arrange, cater and decorate the party, a Tropical themed garden party (to adhere to cover-19 guidance) at the house of one of the Ambassadors. I was pretty nervous about meeting everyone, but also excited to make some new friends and get out of the house and without Max for a few hours to enjoy myself. When I arrived I was introduced to everyone by my best Friend Sarah and I was given a warm welcome. Everyone seemed lovely and I soon got chatting and helping to set up.

They had hired a local catering company who set out a beautiful spread of bread, olives, salami, cheese, crudités, chocolate covered strawberries (delish!), cookies, cup cakes, rocky road and then one of the other Ambassadors who is also a Cake maker made a lovely marble effect cake.

They had also put up a gazebo and hired a Gin cart and Prosecco wall with a tropic themed balloon arch. It look so glamorous and just like the instagram styled events I see so often on my feed! I definitely enjoyed trying some of the gins with different mixers and fruit.

The guest of honour was picked up and arrived to the cry of ‘Congratulations’ from us all. She was completely surprised and grateful for the party and even shed a tear. It felt so great to know that I am part of such a successful and inspiring team who support each other and celebrate achievement. I had planned only to stay a couple of hours, but I felt so comfortable chatting to everyone and my my son was still sleeping and Hubby was collecting me and would have to wake him, so instead I ended up staying for four and loved it. I am so looking forward to meeting up with everyone again soon.



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