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Quick and easy make up for busy Mums with the Tropic Make Up Palette

Quick make up look for busy mums

I absolutely love make up and even trained as a make up artist a few years ago at college.  I really want to get into doing more with make up and Tropic Skincare offer a wide range of vegan make up options, which is just perfect for me.

Despite my love for make up, as a busy Mum, I don’t often get much time to do my own make up and now that we have been in and out of lockdown for a year and can’t go anywhere too, it’s not always a priority for me.  However when I do put the effort in on weekends or even to pop to the shop, it really does make me feel better and gives me a bit of a spring in my step.  So make up that is quick and easy to do is perfect.

The Tropic Make Up Palette is the best solution to create a simple yet beautiful look and is hands down one of the best designed palettes I have used. It holds the essentials for creating your own personal make up look once you have created your flawless foundation base. It’s compact, customisable and super easy to just pop in your handbag and go.

There are just so many combinations and colours to choose from, so you can make it 100% your own. From brow powders to eye shadow, cream, and powder blusher and highlighter, concealer to contour, you can have it all. You’ll love it so much you will likely want to create more than one!

Tropic Make Up Range


If you prefer more of a matt look to your skin and like a pressed powder rather than a loose one to set your makeup in place, this weightless wonder is for you. Blended with mineral microspheres that diffuse the appearance of lines and pores, it also mattifies skin so if you have an oily or combination complexion this will absorb any excess oils and keep your base looking fresh and flawless.


The cream concealer is available as a medium or large pan option to make up part of your tailored make up palette. It’s available in 6 different shades and is a creamy, light weight concealer perfect for extra coverage over blemishes, darker or textured areas of skin, to give you a flawless natural look. It even has active ingredients to help heal breakouts and damaged areas of skin. Best applied with either a fine detailing brush or make up sponge to blend.


For some contouring is not a step to be missed in their daily make up routine. Others add it in for special occasions. Then there is the group that is scared to even try. Contouring isn’t essential, but it can really help to enhance the shape of your face. Personally, I leave it out of my daily make up, but do like to contour for a special occasion. As a curvier lady, contouring helps to slim down my face shape a little. Using a darker shade in the areas that you want to push back and highlight the areas that you want to bring forward helps to enhance your best features. For example, applying a line of darker powder or cream contour down the sides of the nose and then adding a lighter shade down the middle and blending them out can help to thin down the nose. A cream or powder contour is really down to preference, but generally, it can be better to use cream if you have created a more dewy cream foundation base and then use a powder on top of a more matte powder foundation base. It will sit smoother and blend better on your skin.


Now I know not everyone is a fan of blusher, but I personally love it. It helps to give you that natural rosey glow and brings a look together. I think a lot of people are scared they will end up looking like a clown.

The best way to apply powder blusher is with a small but fluffy make up brush like our double ended precision brush. Dab it gently into the blusher then swipe it across the top of your hand to take off the excess. Then starting a few cm away from the hairline gentle apply the blusher in small circular motions working your way towards the apples of your cheeks. By starting nearer the hairline you stop the chance of applying the bulk of the product right at the apples of the cheeks, stopping the clown look. Be sure to blend well and don’t go past the edge of your cheek bone towards the nose. For cream blusher, I find it best to apply with your fingers. You need a very small amount and start by gently dabbing it on and continue to blend it into the skin on the apples of your cheeks. Then once it is worked in, you can use your brush or a beauty blender to blend it further. If you go in too heavy with the blusher, simply apply some of your mineral foundation or setting powder gently over the top to tone it down.


Designed to give your skin a healthy-looking glow, something we could all do with right now! The Jet Set Bronzer will give you that sun-kissed look without having to leave your home (good job hey!). It comes in  3 different shades to suit all skin tones.


For ages I wasn’t a fan of the ‘highlighter trend’ that was big amongst you tubers and Instagram influencers. They always seemed to use it by the trowel load it just looked so unnatural and quite often where they used so much, all it seemed to do was highlight any texture or flaws in their skin. Then I got my first cream highlighter in my Tropic palette and started trying it out subtly. Now I am hooked. Used in the right way it can look beautiful and add to your look, giving you a natural youthful glow.

Cream Way To Glow:

For the cream highlighter I use my ring finger and just dab a small amount onto the very tops of my cheek bones, on my brow bone, down the centre of my nose, on my Cupid’s bow at the top of my lips and then a small amount on my chin. The trick is to use a small amount and gently dab and blend it in so you get a natural looking sheen in the areas where light will naturally hit you face.

Pressed Way To Glow:

For the powder highlight use a small fluffy brush or fan brush and again use a small amount, you can sweep any excess onto your hand before applying to the face. Highlight the same areas as the cream, using the brush to gently sweep and blend to get that subtle glow.


The key to any look, I think is the eye make up. You can really tone your look up or down depending on how you define your eyes and the colours that you use alongside mascara and eyeliner. Tropic’s lovely Eyes On You Eye Shadows are highly pigmented natural colours that will create anything from a natural day look through to full glam eyes. There are 18 gorgeous shades to choose from.


Brow styles and shapes have changed massively over the years, for anyone that grew up in the 90s like me, the trend was to make them as thin as possible, something we are paying for now! Luckily I didn’t over pluck mine too much, but they do need to some help to get that much fuller look that is so popular now. The palette offers two choices of products for the brows, or you can combine them to get the look you want. The defining powder is great for filling in and creates a softer look. The defining pomade is really great for creating more of a hair stroke effect and for a defined brow. You can add a touch of concealer underneath afterwards as well to tidy the line and make them even more defined.


You may prefer to keep your lipstick separate from your palette, but you do have the option to include a shade or two. The Kiss Me Quick lippies are gorgeous. Creamy, nourishing and available in 12 shades. You can add them to your palette or buy them in a normal cartridge form if you prefer. My personal favourites are Plum Pout, Pomegranate Punch and Peony Pop!



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