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Creating a Vision Board: Setting Your Sat Nav for Success

Setting your goals and creating a vision board

Have you set your sat nav for destination success?

I have read and watched a lot on setting goals and working towards them over the past few years, whether that be in life or in business. It’s clear that successful people hold goal setting as one of the keys to achievement. And it makes sense. You very rarely achieve things by accident, so a goal with a plan and some hard work to get there is likely to result in success.

Goal setting workshop

Recently I attended a zoom call with my Tropic Skincare team which was hosted by one of the Diamond Executive from another team. Her focus was on goal setting and how to succeed in your business and achieve the things you want in life. She was so inspiring having worked so hard in her life building a successful network of childcare nurseries, a property business and her own Tropic business. All are very successful for her, but she didn’t get there by accident, she decides on her goals, and ‘Sets her sat nav for that destination’, she them uses that as her map or guide to her journey towards it.

Take imperfect action

She was so focussed and very straight talking which I loved. Her mantra was ‘JFDI’ (Just F*&k$ng do it!). She also spoke a lot about how once you have set your goals it’s important that you don’t faff around or hold back waiting for everything to be perfect, but instead focus on taking consistent and imperfect action that will move you closer to your goals each day. Something that really resonated with me, my career in marketing and branding has especially made me strive for everything to look wonderful and be perfect before I put it out to the world, and all too often it has held me back from achieving. I must say I have got better at this since being a mum, as I have learnt that not all things can be perfect all the time, sometime the house will be a mess, but my son will be getting my 100% attention and be happy, so that’s all that matters. Other times my house might be spotless but my diet is completely rubbish. I guess it’s really about not sweating the small stuff and just getting things done in as balanced a way as we can to ensure that we continue to progress and move forward.

Short, medium & longterm goals

I was so motivated by this call, it was a good reminder that I needed to get clear on my goals and have them as a focus. During the call we briefly workshopped what some of our 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year goals were and to see if we had them and were clear on what we wanted for our future. I actually managed to write down a few in the time. It was surprising when she surveyed others on the call how many had very short term goals, but hadn’t really considered what they want on a more longterm scale. It seems to be quite common, I think because in British schools we aren’t really taught about goals, which is a real shame and all too often as kids we get into the mindset that our dreams are too big and are almost impossible to achieve, or it certainly was when I was at school. People feel like it’s silly to have big dreams and all to often we settle because we feel anything bigger than having a job, a house, a family etc. is just too far out of reach. But in this day an age with the technology and opportunity for business and enterprise, anything is possible for anyone how wants it and works hard enough. After the call I decided I was going to get clear on my goals once and for all, for both life and business. I have always had goals in my head or jotted down in various note pads, but have wanted to create a vision board for a long time, so they would be on display to me at all times and I would see them and focus on them everyday. So I created my vision board.

Creating my vision board

I had a large board which I bought from Hobby Craft a while ago, so I decided to create visuals, type out my goals and create some headings in canva and print them out and stick them on.

I set out short statements for each of my goals, then split them out under 1, 3, 5, 10 year and longterm goal headings. I interspersed them with visuals that represented some of the most important goals, so that my board would be visual and evoke emotion when I looked at it. Really try and pick images that resonate with you and make you feel motivated and excited when you picture them. It helps to visualise yourself in each of the scenarios as well. There are some great exercises you can do, where you fast forward to a time in your life when you have achieved your goals and write out what you perfect day is like, or visualise and write about each goal scenario as if it has already happened. It can be really powerful stuff. Once complete be sure to display your vision board somewhere where you will see it everyday. I have mine in my office as that is my creative space and I go in there everyday to work, craft or blog. Once you have created your vision board, the next step is start to map out how you get to those goals. Start with the short term ones and as you get into it you can then start chunking down the smaller steps needed to get to the long-term ones. What ever your goals and ‘why’ for doing what you do, just take action and start. And remember destinations can change, what is a goal for you now, may not be something you want later on down the line, so make sure you reevaluate regularly and update your board. Happy visualising!



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