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Lip care routine – A 5 step guide to luscious lips all year round


The extremes of the British weather in Summer and Winter can be tough on the skin on our hands and face, but we often forget to take care of our lips. The baking sun and UV rays, icy cold, driving rain and wind, and then even the air con or heating can take its toll leaving lips looking a little lacklustre. Here is my guide to keep them looking plump and lustrous all year round.

1. Exfoliate – use a mild face exfoliator or even a natural body scrub like Tropic’s Body Smooth regularly to remove dry, deadskin.

Tropic Face Smooth Exfoliator

2. Dry brush– You can also gently brush your lips with a dry tooth brush to remove any deadskin and leave your lips silky smooth. For an eco friendly try a bamboo tooth brush like this one from Anything But Plastic.

3. Add in a facial sun cream – with an SPF 30 and above on your face and lips every day, even in the winter. Buy Tropic’s Sun Day Facial UV Defence here.

4. Use a nourishing lip balm– Make sure you moisturise your lips at intervals throughout the day to put the moisture back to protect the skin, stopping them from chapping and cracking. For completely natural lip care, harness the power of Lip Love Balm or Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner available in a sheer or with a pop of colour, and they smell gorgeous. If you want a really intensive treatment the Eye Dream eye treatment also works as a restorative over night lip treatment.

5. Add a pop of colour– Keep your lips looking fab with a moisturising lipstick.  Of course I love Tropic Skincare’s Kiss Me Quick Lipsticks available in cartridge or make up pan format to go in your make up palette, there is a choice of 12 shades ranging from matt through to sheer and they are creamy and ultra nourishing, moisturising and of course all natural. Added eco points as the you can order cartridge refills and recycle the packaging.

If you decide to purchase any of the Tropic goodies mentioned above, don’t forget to select me, Stephanie Alexander, as your Tropic Ambassador at checkout, so that I can track your order and offer one to one advice and tips.



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